Hot Dogs Are Serious Business

September 8, 2011 at 8:01 pm (Uncategorized)

A walk through the park inexplicably turns into a footrace for hot dogs between Asuka and Yoh. No one is hurt. Sort of.

(Sumaru – Aoba Park)

Located at the eastern end of Aoba, the park is a stark contrast to the
brightly-lit urban development crowding around it – and even further inside
it. An old, quiet park, it is the only escape from the noise and light
pollution in most cases.

Aoba Park lives up to its name as… a park. Most of the vegetation largely
survives as bushes and hedges on raised brick platforms, the entire park
almost neatly paved in concrete with benches and street lights at just about
every turn. There are occasional metal railings strewn about almost without
rhyme or reason that people are, nonetheless, inexplicably disinclined to
jump over even if they’re in a hurry to get to some other part of the park –
such as the concert hall further in.

Rumor has it that some brightly colored flowers cresting the entire rainbow
like to grow where people hang around most, for reasons that are not
immediately apparent. If you hold an extended conversation with someone,
usually one of those flowers aren’t too far away. A closer look reveals them
to be nothing more than coincidentally located flowers.


Yaaaay park!

Winter is still on the retreat in the Japan area; Plants and trees are beginning to bud again, adding a little bit of green to the landscape! Those ill-gotten chilly winds do not carry nearly as much bite as they used to. Overcast weather is becoming a thing of the past as well, as the regional temperature slowly but surely climbs to a much more tolerable temperature. People are not wearing coats anymore. Long sleeve shirts are seen out and about, some even wearing their normal school uniforms instead of the warmer winter edition.

Speaking of school, it was out for the day! And figuring there was nowhere better to go, Yoh Yamagatani was out here, tooling around in the park! Unlike others, Yoh was still wearing the warmer winter version of the Gekkoukan uniform; not much of a fan of cold in any form. Still, while not being able to work out here in the parks like he likes to do, he is sitting on a bench, in plain view, just taking in the sun.

Being a rather tall Japanese boy of six feet tall, he kindof sticks out amongst the others. Heck, not many guys are even over 5′ 8-9″. His wild hair is further a bit of a stickout, but thankfully it is a natural color. Black as black can be.

He was currently mulling over things that happened last night! That sure was frightening. That feeling… he has never been afraid of anything before. It was surely an unnatural feel, projected on him by that place. That second tower. Dang, now they got two of them to worry about. They going to start springing up all over the area? Gods hope not.

Yaaaay park indeed. With no other obligations to take care of it’s only normal that most would retreat here for a little rest and relaxation. And Asuka is no exception to that. The pink-haired Gekkouken High student had made the decision to visit Aoba Park upon getting up and venturing to school this morning. It’s part of her old stomping grounds. Sort of. She’ll readily admit she’s not one to leave the house much unless absolutely required. Having no girlfriends makes being a shut-in easier, too. Heh. Either way she always did enjoy this park, and ignoring the inexplicable itch to visit it for old time’s sake was strangely impossible.

Tugging on the ends of her uniform’s skirt she lets out a sigh as she suddenly wishes she’d taken the time to stop off at home and change. She’s never been particularly fond of school regulation wear. It’s just so stiffling! Although, her own personal wardrobe itself is nothing exciting to write home about, so maybe this was a blessing in disguise of some sort. Shaking her head she dismisses all those negative thoughts, trying to focus on the nice scenery the park has to offer. A gaggle of small schoolchildren run by, cackling like mad as if running from some persuer. Moments later a frustrated and frazzled young woman comes barreling after them, obviously in charge of keeping the rambunctious lot from wreaking too much havoc. Wow. Sucks to be her. Asuka smiles to herself as the feeling of freedom washes over her further, leading to her holding her arms up as she goes over to the narrow curb of the sidewalk and gets up onto it. There she does a balancing act, slowly traversing the length of it without falling, before hopping off and continuing on her way.

A few more minutes of walking alone and taking in the most unspoiled surrounding nature rewards her with… a growling stomach. Err. Frowning, she places a hand on her abdomen and looks down at it. Lunch hadn’t been too filling, so it was no surprise she was again in need of food. Sighing and muttering under her breath she started off again, hoping to find a vendor selling something that was edible.

Yoh, not having much else to do at the moment, pulls out his fancy 4G phone and goes to work playing FURIOUS FELINES. A game where poor different colored kittens get their milks stole by cows, who had remosre over selling it to them! YOU SOLD IT ALREADY IT IS NOT YOURS. So in fits of RAAAGE the kittens fling themselves at their barns, turning them into mere scrapheaps! GOOO KITTENS.

Yoh continues doing this for a good amount of time, sympathizing to the kitten cause. If they don’t get milk they won’t grow up big and strong! HE MUST ASSIST THEM. And then his mind dwells on milk for a second too long. Suddenly, FOOD. Yoh must feed! The teen scours the landscape with his eyes. They lock on to a small curbside vendor, as he puts away his phone and begins to beeline for it at a small jog! As he does he seems to be heading right for Asuka.

Quick! A Yoh is coming right at you! What do you do?!

Mmmm. Sustenance. By now Asuka’s spotted the vendor, handing out whatever it is he’s handing out to people who are walking off happily munching away. Her stomach rumbles mighthily, imploring her to speed up and get there as soon as possible. She complies, quickening her pace, arms swaying by her sides as she makes determined strides. She /will/ succeed! Already she’s digging into the pocket of her skirt, hands resting on the bright red wallet inside that held the fruits of her long days spent at that accursed cafe.

It’s around this time that she also spots a tall, familiar looking boy rushing her way. Or perhaps to the vendor would be more appropriate. She recognizes him of course — Yoh Yamagatani. Although she can’t ever recall talking to him much at school. Or anyone for that matter. Heh. Either way she doesn’t really pay him any further special attention, eyes instead focusing on her true destination…

Yoh continues to make his way for food! HE MUST HAVE IT. Well, not like they will sell out anyway; they are equipped to handle tens of thousands of customers. But still, quicker to the line the better! Yoh speeds up as well, as something unexpected he spies.

A girl. A somewhat familiar girl. No name he can recall, but her face is quite familiar. Maybe he has seen her at school? A good possibility. But it also looks like she is going for the kiosk! He squints at the girl and begins heading there a little faster. He has a little grin on his face. Even if he beats her she can go in front of him. But hey, this is funny! A race!

Asuka can most likely beat him; he is very strong, well toned and built, but speed is not by any means his forte. His cardio is really lacking.

Oh? What’s this? A new challenger appears on the horizon? Asuka redirects her gaze to Yoh, who is quite blatantly speeding up. Is he… trying to beat her? If so that’s pretty silly. Like she would /really/ get into a footrace with someone over food. Delicious, mouth-watering, hole-in-stomach filling food. As if! She’s a /lot/ more mature than that. And Yoh should be too! How shameful…

So. Alright. She’s not as mature as she thinks. Because she too speeds up, breaking out into something of a run. Although she may not look it she’s quite quick on her feet. Perhaps she could be a full-fledged member of the track team. You know, if she believed in any sort of team-based sport. Cough. Anyway, she’s quick. And she’s so going to get to that cart before he does. It’s like, written in the stars. No changing fate. He’d just have to deal with it.

Yoh tries his best to speed up! he has to beat this girl, whom accepted his challenge! He quickens his pace even more as he stares down his opponent! Which it turns out is the worst idea /ever/ when you are running towards something.

That kiosk comes up way too fast, and before Yoh even notices it, he THUDS up and over an outer bench placed by the vendor. And he eats the grass All in all it is a very humorous scene, which will only end Yoh up with a nice uniform full of stains until he takes it ot the cleaner.

He looks up after a few moments. “Mmf. I’m okay.” He thuds his head back down in the grass for a moment, before making the effort to get to his feet. By now Asuka has probably gotten in line, and Yoh has failed, ever disgracing uh… whatever his normal cause is. Heck, he has like five million suprnatural causes, does he even have a normal one these days besides Karate and hanging out with friends? Doubtful.

Okay, so he doesn’t disgrace anything. He gets off easy.

Yeah. She’s still going to win. Especially when he so gracefully topples over a bench and hits the ground with a thud. Asuka winces a bit at the sight of this, slowing somewhat to a trot. She stops short of the line, looking from ~the goal~ to poor Yoh sprawled out on the ground. Sighing heavily and wondering if she’s going to regret this decision, she steps past the vendor and goes over to where her opponent is starting to climb back up to his feet.

“Are you ok? That was a… display.” She tries to stop an amused smile from quirking up on her face, only half succeeding, as she looks down at him. “You’re Yamagatani Yoh, right?” She then adds casualy, bending down to offer him a helping hand. “I’m Hamasaki Asuka. I’ve… seen you around school… and stuff.”

Yoh manages to slowly make it to his feet, and looks over at Asuka’s first comment. “Ha ha ha ha!” he lets out sarcastically, then starts actually laughing himself. Hey, it was kinda fun! And– oh, she knows his name! But how? “Yes, that is me! Have we met?” he asks kindly, dusting himself off, which helps very little. “Well, nice to meet you, Hama…saki-san!” he boy seems to sound out the name to make sure he says it correctly. “Oh, so that is where I knew you from! I have seen you before, but I juuuust didn’t know where from.”

A look back over to the kiosk. “Welp, I am starving, and I take it you are too. Wanna grab a bite? You won, so…” He makes submissive gesture to let the girl pass by. Hey, she did win!

Well, it’s nice that he recognizes her after her being so aware of who he was. Otherwise, that would have just been a little too weird. Crisis averted. Her eyebrows raise as he talks, noticing how… “animated” he seems. Still, his recovery from the tumble is admirable, likely as a result of him trying his best to save face. Hah.

“Nice to meet you too, Yamagatani-san.” She folds her hands together and does a small bow of acknowledgement. Hey, no one ever said she didn’t have manners. She just never displays them much, preferring to remain unseen so that she isn’t put into situations where she must struggle with being in the “spotlight”. She then steps back, turning to face the vendor again. “Ah. Yes. Let’s.” And she starts off.

Yoh is always this cheery in public! Well, save in winter he is a little grumpy, but that is gone noe! No more cold to plague the teen. There are very few things that can take away Yoh’s spirit. Very few. If you find one, you sould be granted achievement points. Not that they would be used for anything besides fancy numbers, mind you. Yoh likewise gives a polite bow to the girl.

The teen follows behind the girl, looking down at her for a moment. he wonders if he will ever meet a person tall as him. Some have come close, like Thora. She is really close to his height. “I think I will have a hotdog! Maybe three.” His stomach rumbles. “Four.” The teen seems to think for a moment. “So, tell me, what brings you out here so soon after school? I cam out here cause I love this park! So open and everything.”

He begins to fiddle with his wallet, pulling out monies! He squints at his stains. Ugh.

Mmm. A hot dog sounds positively scrumptious. Her stomach rumbles for what feels like the umpteenth time, and she nearly lets out a ‘shush’ in it’s direction. The only thing stopping her from doing so is Yoh. And the other people around, of course. They’d likely look at her funny. Yes. Instead she rests a comforting hand on her belly, trying to appease it as they get into line. Not much longer now. Not much longer at all…

“Ah. I guess I could say the same thing. I used to come here a lot when we lived in the area.” The line shuffles forward, and so does Asuka, tossing a glance over her shoulder at her new companion. “I figured taking a ride on the train was worth walking through this place again. Almost makes me miss Sumaru.” /Almost/ being the keyword there. She certainly does not long for the days spent in the company of the jerks at her old school. They could all rot in hell for all she cared. Feh.

Finally she makes it to the smiling vendor, getting out her wallet and a few bills. “I’ll take a hot dog with everything on it, please.” Yum.

Yoh… actually heard her stomach rumble! He purses his lips, before his makes a loud racket itself. Ugh. He would punch himself in the gut, but he knows, if he does that, he will break something. His physical strength is beyond compare, even when his Persona is not out. He has to be careful with what he does; he tends to break or dent things people normally are not able to by accident.

He listens to the girl’s reason for being here, which is pretty much the same. Ironically, Yoh tends to avoid Sumaru because he use to /cause/ the trouble in the area around the age of thirteen for a few years. Hung with a gang, stole stuff, roughed people up… not his favorite memory. But he left that part of him behind long ago, and thanks to all the wonderful friends he has these days!

Yoh waits until Asuka gets served, then orders himself. “Three hotdogs! No five! Wait, three. Yeah, three.” he forgot dinner with his mother tonight. He will probably add mustard, ketchup, and onions to his!

Asuka gets her hotdog, and moves aside to let Yoh do the same. His dilemna on how many to get makes her snicker softly, before she then bites into her own. Mmmm. It’s even better than she thought it’d be! All the rumbling her stomach was doing stops instantly, leaving her with a feeling of peace and tranquility. Who said food didn’t soothe the soul? She swears she could just lift up into the sky and flutter off, delicious hot dog in hand.

“Will you be able to eat all of that?” She questions realistically, tilting her head to the side as she chews and swallows. Boys always have the most amazing appetites, and were usually able to put away an ungodly amount of food. Even without gaining an absurd amount weight, too. Curse them and their crazy ability to stay fit. And looking at Yoh, who looked to be fairly well-built under that uniform, he’ll have no problem working off the pounds.

Yoh, once he dresses up the dawgs, immediately devours one before he gets to sit down, which should answer Asuka’s question if he could eat that many. This is the kid who took on the Beef Bowl Special in Inaba and won… twice in a row in one sitting. How it was even possible… no one knows. But he did it. As he sits, he begins working on the second without taking a moment. How does he keep his figure, packing on thsoe carbs? Must be having to do with how much he works out.

“Nom nom. Hey, what year are you in, by the way? I have seen you at school, but don’t know all that much about you!” He certainly seems curious about Asuka all of a sudden! Might as well be if she is his current meal-buddy!

Good lord. Those hot dogs surely didn’t stand a chance. Asuka side-eyes him, own hot dog nowhere near being fully eaten. Call her crazy but she prefers to savor her meals. Plus scarfing them down like he is would no doubt make her sick. She carefully takes a seat next to him, not taking her eyes off of him the entire time. This is quite possibly the fastest she’s witnessed any boy — no, correction, any /person/ — devour something. She feels as if she should be recording this and uploading it to the internet or something for profit. Hey, it would probably beat doing actual work in a crappy cafe that made you wear an even crappier uniform. But she digresses.

“I’m a second year. And yeah, you wouldn’t.” She shrugs, finally remembering to take a bite herself. Someone like her who actually tries to actively fade into the background will likely be hard to spot. Especially by people like Yoh. He has “Mr. Popular” practically written all over him.

Yoh does savor his meals! Just really really fast. And yes, do record this for future posterity that NO ONE can eat like Yoh. Ever. Eat your heart out, uh… anyone that wants to eat like that! Yeah. “Ahhh, we just msut have different class schedules or something,” the teen ponders aloud, wondering why he does not see her often. Different classes at different times seems appropriate. Or maybe he just zones out on schoolwork in class too much.

Yoh isn’t exactly ‘popular’ per se, rather, he is just very nice to everyone, and is a little above average. Birhgt side is everyone knows who he is, so he does have a chance to be popular!

“So, how is your ‘dawg?” The teen asks kindly.

At any rate he’s more popular than she is, anyway. Unlike Yoh, Asuka is not blessed with his super awesome spectacular people skills. In fact, she’s more of a social cripple. Though not a pariah like at her old school, thankfully. No one at Gekkouken has actively ridiculed her. To her knowledge, anyway. She doesn’t really want to give them an ammunition, hence her “remain as unseen as possible” strategy. Too bad that totally works against her when it comes time to being asked out on dates and the like. Oh well. Sacrifices.

“My ‘dawg?” She asks with a hint of laugher in her voice. “Oh it’s fine. Nice and juicy. Keeping me from keeling over with starvation I’ll you that much.” Actually sitting here talking with someone and not scowling at them or wishing they’d just be hit by something big and heavy is quite an accomplishment. The park is obviously making her less hostile.

Yoh knows /everyone/ at school, and tries his best to weed out people makign fun of others and junk. It is really no fun being a victim. While Yoh has never been a victim to such insulting banter, he has seen people torn apart by it. How people enjoy it, he will never know. Thankfully Gekkoukan is one of the nicer schools in the region. Even when close to someplace like Shirakawa, the school remains well in spirit.

“Hot dog, I mean! heh.” Yoh turns a little red. He is so used to people getting what he means– oh wait she did. She is just giving the Chariot a hard time! “Yeah, this guy makes good food. Always like stopping by.” Yoh moves to say something else, but his phoen rings, in which he picks it up! “Yes? I am in… oh. Wait, ti was my turn to walk him? Damn, I forgot! Tell him I will be right there. Or get– yeah, she speaks it. Thanks! I will be there soon!” He hangs up, and finishes off the third dog. “Well, it was nice hanging out with you, but I am needed! Hopefully we cal talk more sometime! Byeee~!”

And with that, Yoh runs off. Odd phone conversaion, to say the least.

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